The development of our economy and cities has a huge negative impact to our water system. One of the obviously problem is the water pollution of our river system. At present, Most of our rivers have suffered from serious water pollution. Technically, the reasons are complex, including industrial pollution, urban residents pollution, agricultural pollution, and man-made water infrastructures that destroyed the nature eco-system. The restoring projects are an effective method to improve the river water environment. However,

Which engineering measurement is the best solution regrading to economical efficiency?

How to manage and maintain the system after the implementation of the project?

How to make full use of real-time monitoring information to improve decision-making efficiency?

With cutting technology, we can provide optimized solutions for integrated water environment management projects. Solve various problems in engineering planning, design, operation and management in order to obtain a better water environment.

In areas where human activity is frequent, even quiet rivers are at risk of being contaminated. For example: accidents in industrial enterprises, sudden water pollution incidents, agale blooms, etc. The occurrence of these events undermines the ecological health of rivers and lake systems, has a negative impact on human activities, and is more likely to pose a threat to the water quality of water sources. Real-time monitoring and risk management of the water environment quality of natural river systems can be achieved using the latest monitoring methods and advanced mathematical model systems. Through the analysis of a large amount of real-time data, the risk of water pollution incidents can be acheived in advance, and the impact trend of the accidents that have occurred can be predicted, providing early warning and decision support for real-time management and risk management of the water environment.

The water conservancy projects are the basis of social and economic development. However, mismanagement of those projects has led to and water pollution issues and water resources deficit. Applying real-time monitoring and mathematical model technology, the authorizes can get critical information from rapid calculation and real-time analysis to guide and optimize their decision making processes.

Smart Water Solutions and Services include:

Establish Sensory System

River network modeling System

Shared data resources system

Remote control for Hydraulic Project

Dispatching system for water projects

Data center protection system

Dispatching center construction

Thanks to the advanced weather forecasting technology and the remote sensory system, We are equipped for our customers with cutting algorithms to provide high accurate floods forecasting service to cut threat to urban security. In many parts of the world, a large number of economic losses and casualties occur each year due to unpredicted rains and floods. By properly arranging the monitoring sites and making full use of radar technology, we are able to use the integrated engine to provide the most comprehensive rainfall information, real-time flood forecasting, and real-time flood risk mapping to our clients. The flood management agency can obtain accurate and reliable information. Intuitive flood risk information provides reliable tools for flood warning and real-time management, as well as post-disaster rescue and disaster assessment.

Services include:

Real-time flood forecasting, providing full-element forecasting of key sites;

Fast, accurate and intuitive 2D simulation technology;

Real-time flood risk mapping

Flood risk management system