More population and economic vitality are concentrated in the plain areas where flood control and river water quality management are particularly important. The modeling system for plain area can provide real-time forecasting services for flood control management, quantitative assessment for water environment improvement projects, and services for urban safety management. The river network models couple hydrology model, hydraulic model and water quality model. Specific pollution analysis is critical to success of high-accuracy forecasting.

The model system can serve the following tasks:

Analysis of water balance in plain areas

Flood assessment and analysis of characteristic water level and flow process

Short-term and long-term water quality prediction

Pollution prevention project recommendations

Analysis of water environment improvement measures

Flood disasters in river basins have always been a threat to humanity. Especially in the case of extreme weather caused by climate change, the use of real-time monitoring data coupled mathematical model technology for flood forecasting is an important means to improve flood management. The basin flood forecasting model includes hydrological models with different principles, river hydraulic building scheduling simulations and real-time correction models.

Our services include:

Historical flood emulation

Hydrological Characteristic parameter Analysis

Analysis of flood control engineering

Joint scheduling scheme analysis

With population growth and urbanization, cities are facing increasing water shortages. The water resources management model begins with the hydrological calculation of the basin, and carries out detailed calculation and analysis of the natural and artificially controlled water resources processes. Through model analysis, it can provide suggestions for the scheduling of watershed water resources projects.

The model can serve the following tasks:

Runoff calculation and frequency analysis

Water demand analysis and prediction

Water balance analysis

Water resources optimization scheduling calculation

Determination of the scale of water resources engineering

Real-time water resources dispatching system

The water quality of lakes or reservoirs has a critical impact on water resources and water ecology. The key to the analysis of large-scale water body water environment is the analysis and modeling of water body ecological processes. Through model development, it can provide environmental impact analysis for construction projects and provide predictive analysis for the effects of ecological environment management projects.

The model can serve the following tasks:

Flow field analysis

Mass balance analysis

Water quality prediction

Effect analysis and optimization

Oil spill analysis

Based on the water quality model, we provide the simulation and analysis for various urban water environment improvement engineering. We also provide optimization analysis.

Main service content:

Water environment model development

Pollution load estimation

Project effect analysis

Scenarios optimization

The flood risk map is an important tool for urban planning and real-time disaster management. In today's increasingly serious flood threats, high-precision flood risk map delineation is particularly important. Flood risk map delineation needs to be based on detailed topographic data and efficient integrated model systems, including hydrological models, a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model, and urban pipe network models.

Main service content:

Flood model setup

Flood inundation path analysis

Flood submergence analysis

Flood risk mapping

Real-time dynamic risk analysis

Fast model calculation implementation

The rapid expansion of the city has changed the direction and function of the river. The construction of some water conservancy projects has brought development to the city and also caused damage to the urban river network system. The improvement of the urban water environment requires reasonable water system planning support. Reasonable water system planning needs to analyze the overall water resources and water environment of the city, and analyze the existing health problems of the water system from the perspectives of safety, ecology and environment. Combine the scale of urban development with specific plans to provide ideas and specific plans for water system planning.

Main service content:

Analysis of the current situation of urban water system

Water resources and urban water system model construction

Accumulation analysis

Ecological analysis

Planning comparison

Based on integrated telemetry database and the flood forecasting model, we specifically build real-time flood forecasting system for our local customers. The customized system will provide a state of art forecasting algorithm to insure the stability of the modeling system and the accuracy of the predication.

Main service content:

Real-time flood forecasting of cities and flood storage areas

Analysis of urban flood evolution with two-dimensional coupling

Early warning and flood simulation

Disaster assessment and Flood Control

As the increase of population and the change of landscape for the past hundreds years, the water resources shortage has become increasingly prominent in all over the world. How to integrate the advanced computer science, geographic information system, network communication, database technology and water resources model to provide practical support for water management is the main task of water resources dispatching management system.

Main service content:

Water resources dispatching configuration

Analysis of water resources scheduling effect

Optimized scheduling analysis

Separate water supply analysis

Reservoir dispatch management

Water resources strategic planning

The progress of water management technology for the past decades and the continuous maturity of the Internet of Things technology have made the intelligent water conservancy management platform a viable technology. More and more customers are seeking new smart water solution for their cities.

The construction of the smart water management platform includes the following contents:

River network water system "one map" management system

Hydraulic engineering remote control system

Hydraulic engineering intelligent dispatching system

Data center protection system construction

Dispatching center construction