Wuchuan Water

• Founded in 2017, Wuchuan Water aim to leverage our water knowledge with disruptive technologies to enhance water management capacity for local authorities, reduce water-related disasters for communities, and help our enterprise customers build smart cities that can sustain large population with high-level welfare.

• Our experience covers almost all aspects of water resource field, including water system planning and design, construction, as well as mathematical modeling evaluation. Based on high-accuracy mathematical modeling, we build management system and provide real-time forecasting service that can be applied to daily management. With deep industry knowledge and marketing skills in mind, our engineers are more than enthusiasts to embrace new technologies.

• We believe we can change the world of water management for the future by coupling our deep knowledge and disruptive algorithm. At present, the company mainly conducts consulting and development services for our clients, including model development, computational analysis, program evaluation, management platform development, and core computing engine development for smart city.

  • Focus on water environment and water resources protection
  • Apply leading technologies and innovations
  • Build complex real-time management system
  • Mathematica modeling system
  • Big data
  • Artificial Intelligence